All Inclusive Intensive 3 Month Gut Healing Protocol



Gut Healing Package


  • Initial Discovery Call- 2 hours where we dig into your paperwork, ask each other questions and begin to piece together a protocol
  • Diet, Supplement + Lifestyle Protocol
  • 3 Months of Nutrition Support
  • Bi monthly Zoom Calls
  • Email Support
  • 3 Nutritional Assessements
  • Unlimited Food Journal Reviews
  • Stool Testing with GI MAPS
  • 10% off professional-grade supplements in my dispensary
  • Stool Retest after

Optional addon of MRT Food Sensitivity testing would be billed $335 separately to Oxdord Labs.


This package includes an MRT Food sensitivity test that you will be charged directly through the lab for, so add on an additional $335 for that.

The GI Maps often identifies pathogens that need to be eradicated, such as parasites and bacteria. It’s a good rule of thumb to budget an additional ~$500 a month for gut healing supplements to ensure we can address these pathogens.