One Hour Nutrition Consult


A Nutrition Consult where you have access to me for one hour to answer your nutrition questions and get some guidance on food and supplementation indicated for your bio-individuality. It also includes a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire assessment, a survey that assesses your organ system health and indicates nutrient deficiencies and physiological dysfunction. You will not receive a full protocol (look into my packages for that option) but I will send a follow-up email with notes and product recommendations to ensure you get as much out of this consult as possible.

This is a great option for those who aren’t ready to commit to a nutrition package, or who just need a little guidance on their next step to bettering their health.

Purchase the consult, and then I will send you an email with an invite to take the NAQ. Once completed I will contact you to schedule your consult! The consult will be conducted via phone call or video conference.

Anyone interested in purchasing a nutrition package after our one hour consult will be offered a $50 discount on the package of their choosing within 60 days of their consult.